Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yay! finally I got this rare original postcard today after winning an auction,this Postcard mailed in 1936 "approximately 10 years before Nakba" from Jaffa to Beirut.
The postcard, with a 8-mils Palestine stamp,was addressed to "Al Maarad" street in Beirut .In this postcard, Ghaith Fakhori tells his Father Dr.Sameh hello and that "I've been having a great time after arriving Jaffa yesterday",furthermore he telling him about his cousins problem there.Well he not only shared life matters with him,but also emotions and greetings from his family ...I thinks its a precious treasure to have.
#Palestine #Jaffa #Beirut
بطاقة بريدية من يافا لبيروت عام 1936 حصلت عليها عن طريق مزاد الماني لممتلكات قديمة,اليوم وصلتني!

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